JULEE VADNAIS- Owner and Operater


I have been a performer for many years and never thought of getting into children’s entertainment until I received a job opportunity from Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. Like Alice and the rabbit hole I fell into a world where dreams came true and I was able to create magic and memories for families and friends that will last a lifetime. Upon leaving the company I was saddened at the idea of leaving my world of imagination behind when my interest was sparked by interaction with other professional clowns and I began pursuing clowning. When I started doing party entertainment I came to the realization that there is a lot of bad party entertainers that stunt creativity and imagination, and in all honesty are just plain scary. With Disney standards and inspiration from Rosie the Clown, and my experience with The Great Clown Adventure at Circus Circus, Sparklz Saasypants (my first entertainment company) emerged on the Southern California scene in 2004 where it grew with much success sad to say I left all my clients and friends in the Southern California area in 2012 to pursue other performing opportunities in the New Orleans and Seattle area and now find myself in the Central Oregon area. It's been 3 years here in central Oregon and I'm excited to continue to bring quality family entertainment and learning opportunities to Central Oregon.



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