March 2019

                 Snow White 

                          by Greg Banks


A fresh look at a recognizable tale that features a beautiful princess, her evil queen, a huntsman, one magic mirror, and the legendary seven dwarfs – all brought to life by TWO ACTORS! The dwarfs are late coming back from work, so Snow White who is keen to tell her story persuades Four, the only dwarf in the house, to start without them. Snow White and Four with the help of a musician take you on a creative adventure bringing to life a fairytale world before your very eyes with inspiring creativity and dynamic theatricality.


                                                 November 2018



In this twist on the beloved fairy tale, a traditional storyteller reading from his all too well-known book of Sleeping Beauty is quickly usurped by the story's feisty villain, the evil Griselda. With a magical spell, she literally turns back the hands of time to show what really happened to "Sleeping Betty." Fortunately, two good fairies and a magical frog help set the story straight, and make sure everyone lives happily ever after.

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